Document Legalization

Document Legalization at Embassies

Document Authentication & Legalization

Having your document legalized at the appropriate Embassy is the next step in ensuring that it is recognized as legitimate.  After the authentication of your document by Global Affairs or a provincial equivalent,  your document must be provided for legalization at the respective country’s Embassy.  Over the years, GMJ has dealt extensively with the majority of the Embassies in Ottawa, which helps ensure a smooth process of getting your documents legalized in a timely manner.  Some of the Embassies will legalize your documents while we wait; most of the Embassies will complete the legalization in 1 to 3 business days, however, there are a few Embassies that can take up to one week or longer to complete the Legalization process.  The length of time for legalizing your documents at the Embassy is the only step of the process  that is out of our control. The fact that we have very good relationships with the Consular staff in the Embassies helps so much with getting your documents legalized as quickly as possible.  Not all countries have Consular departments in their Embassies in Ottawa and some have jurisdictional rules so we can offer to have them sent to the appropriate Consulates in Canada to complete the legalization process.


Unfortunately, some documents need to be notarized. This can be done by any Canadian Notary. You can have this done before you mail it to us or we can have it done for you. The lawyer we use charges $35 for the first document and $10 for each additional document.