Document Authentication (Apostille)

Document Authentication

Document Authentication & LegalizationThe Document Authentication process enables a Canadian document to be recognized or accepted in another country. This entire process centres on signature verification, which is handled by Global Affairs.  This is the equivalent of an Apostille Stamp or Apostille Certificate.   An Apostille is just a different name and process than what Canada does to authenticate and legalize documents.   There are currently 104 countries that are part of the Apostille Treaty.  Canada is not one of them.

At GMJ Professional Services we handle every aspect of the document authentication and legalization process, giving you peace of mind from start to finish.  Whether you’re getting married down south or abroad and require your birth certificates authenticated or maybe you’re starting a new job  overseas or studying in another country and need your degree or diploma authenticated, you can entrust your irreplaceable documents to GMJ Professional Services and know that your requirements will be met as promised.  Having your document authenticated at Global Affairs is the first step in ensuring that it will be recognized as legitimate.  In some countries, they only require the authentication stamp from Global Affairs so in these circumstances, the process would then be complete and we would courier the documents back to you immediately.  If, however, your destination country is requiring the respective Embassy to legalize your document, then you’ve come to the right place.  We have very strong relationships with many of the Embassies in Ottawa and we can have your document legalized as quickly as possible.

We do not offer a “rush” service for authenticating and legalizing your documents because we treat your documents like they were our own and consider every document a “rush”.  Once the authentication of your documents is complete we will email you the invoice and at that time you can pay by Interac e-transfer (if you have a Canadian bank account) or credit card.