Process Serving

1st Defendant (3 attempts at same address):$50.00 (mileage may apply)
2nd Defendant at same address (each additional party): $30.00 – Civil Court
$30.00 – Small Claims Court
All other Defendants at different address (per address):$50.00
Additional attempts at Service:$30.00
Personal Service:
(Documents which can only be served personally)
($50 if service is successful on first attempt)
Rush Service (same day service request):
(This charge is in addition to the regular fee)
Affidavits in support of our services: FREE
Mileage charge for out of town service (per kilometer)$0.55
Mileage charge for service within the City of Ottawa:
(per kilometer)
(Mileage fees for serves within the City of Ottawa are calculated from the Ottawa Courthouse at 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa and are based on a one-time fee for up to three attempts or less at the same address.)
Fax Forwarding (per page):
Photocopies (per page):$0.35

All Process Serving prices are for professional companies only (i.e. law firms). If you are an individual, please call or email for pricing.

Court Filing

Superior Court:$30.00
Family Court:$50.00
Small Claims Court:$25.00
Rush Filings:Double

Document Authentication/Legalization

Attendance at Global Affairs/Foreign Affairs (DFATD) to authenticate documents:
($100.00 for first 10 documents; $10 for each additional document)
Same Day Service
Attendance at Embassies to legalize documents (per attendance):
(Does not include legalization fee from the Embassy)
Notarization ($10 for each additional document): $35.00
We accept

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